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As a project manager, dealing with conflict is part of the job. There are many sources of conflict; one source Answer

As a project manager, dealing with conflict is part of the job. There are many sources of conflict; one source that is often overlooked is the manager. Based on the Week 4 reading and lecture, what managerial actions can cause workplace conflict? What can be done to remedy these issues?

The Managerial Actions That Cause Workplace Conflicts are:
Poor communications – When employees are not informed of major decisions that affect their workplaces or they are not involved in the decision-making process, then it may cause serious workplace discontent or conflict. This can cause serious conflict between the manager and their subordinates.

Resource allocation and alignment is not proper – When there is inadequate nos. of resources or unskilled resources are allocated to the project, this will lead to project uncertainties and eventually, the employees start blaming their managers for the project failure.

Conflicting values or actions and interpersonal dynamics – Sometimes, there can be conflicting value systems prevailing between the employee and their managers. There could be incompatibility in the working relationship and way of thinking which could lead to the workplace Conflicts.

Inconsistent, missing, or uninformed leadership – Lot of times, managers don’t take a firm stand on the issues in the work place which leads to employee dissatisfaction and affects their morale. Also, the managers may not be consistent in their approach and often seem changing their approach in the work place.

Following things can be done to remedy these issues
– Managers should regularly review job descriptions and get employee’s input. They should also make sure that there is complete clarity of roles and responsibilities to the employees.
– Managers should take initiative to build strong relationships with all subordinates and regularly meet them and have One-O-One meeting with them.
– They should get continuous updates, reports, their accomplishments, challenges and issues from the team members.
– Should do career planning of their employees and have a proper training plan for each of their employees.
– Also, managers should consider having anonymous suggestion box in the workplace in which employees can provide suggestions. This will make sure that suggestions and inputs to improve the workplace are incorporated in company’s policies and the company is able to take care of employee’s concerns.


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